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We are a family of highly skilled craftsmen and since 1963, we have built the authentic handmade Chiavari Chairs with traditional methods and materials,but also with a constant focus on experimental and formal research. Elegant, robust and lightweight, our chairs are processed and finished entirely by hand with love and care....

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The chair of Chiavari

“" ... a miracle of technique and elegance!”

Short history

The chair of Chiavari is an extraordinary invention by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi's great creative genius. He was a cabinet maker from Chiavari, and in 1807, encouraged by the Economical Society of Chiavari, Mr Descalzi (whose nickname was “il Campanino” that means “the guy of the bell”, because he descended ....

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The structural technique

Even if we unavoidable have introduced some electric machines, today's production of the chair of Chiavari still preserves its characteristics of craftsmanship and exactly reproduces the same steps that “il Campanino” himself used to make in its workshop, more than two centuries ago...

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Via Parma, 469 - 16043 Chiavari (GE)
Telefono / fax (+39) 0185.383092
Email: info@levaggisedie.it

How to reach us:

A12 from Genoa and La Spezia / Livorno . From exit Casello Chiavari ( km . 4 approx ) , cross the city , head north , district Caperana ( via Parma 469 ) . From exit Casello Blackboard ( exit - km . 1.5 approx ) , At the bottom of the exit ramp , turn right and head north .

After two traffic lights , at the first bridge to the left , cross the River Entella . At the traffic lights turn right and continue north for 400 meters . around and stop in Via Parma 469 , at the showroom and workshop F.lli Levaggi . private parking. Bus service ( line 1 ) and taxi square Railway Station Chiavari .


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