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About Us

We are a family of highly skilled craftsmen and since 1963, we have built the authentic handmade Chiavari Chairs with traditional methods and materials,
but also with a constant focus on experimental and formal research.
Elegant, robust and lightweight, our chairs are processed and finished entirely by hand with love and care.
We personally choose the local wood, we follow all the stages of preparation, from cutting to natural seasoning.
All this allows us to achieve the solid certainty that every chair produced in our laboratory represents the best expression in matters of quality and sustainability.

How we work

We have never surrendered to the possibilities offered by industrial production. In fact we believe that the "know-how" gained thanks to generations of handcrafters’ patience and work has a value that must be preserved and transmitted to the youth.

We love to shape and interpret every single component of our chairs: we determine how good a piece of wood is, we can evaluate its natural vein and value its peculiarities. And we are not willing to delegate all these steps to a cold automatic process.

We don’t care about quantity. We just know that every object that comes from our lab is the highest representation of quality and attention to detail .

The materials we use

We work the kinds of wood that traditionally are used for the chair of Chiavari: they are solid, resistant and elastic. They are the spices of trees that naturally grow up in the Ligurian Apennines: beech, cherry-tree, ash and maple. They all have their own character and personality that must been known deeply to work them as best as possible.

We are in direct contact with cultivators and we personally choose the wood. We closely observe the cut, the preperation and natural seasoning process. After from 2 to 5 years, the boards, stacked on open air, will be ready to be worked.

We collaborate with the Natural Park "Parco Naturale dell'Aveto" to purchase certified local timber within a European project to promote the local forests. The concept of "sustainability" is not a trend or a marketing claim for us, but it has always been our usual way of working.

The brand

The chair of Chiavari is one of the handcrafted items most copied in industrial productions.

This is why, to protect original producers, the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa created the brand
“Ligurian artisan craftsman excellence”
The brand is granted only to authentic and excellent handcrafted productions such us in our factory are. Beware of imitations!

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