Restoration workshop

The restoration of the chairs of Chiavari is an extremely delicateprocess which is only possible with a deep knowledge of the original design. This is why the best solution is to put your chairs into the producers’ hands: they know all the structural secrets. Our restoration service is performed with the highest competence and respect of the original structural techniques. We do not use screws, nails or any metallic pieces, only hot animal glue.

Apart from guaranteeing after-sale service, we can revive even to the most ancient chairs, thanks to interventions aimed to consolidate structure, to repair or substitute broken or unstable pieces, and with the use of anti-woodworm treatments and polishing

We can work on chairs, armchairs and settees even if they are not traditional products of Chiavari, as long as they are made in wood. Entrust us your chairs in need of restoration and we will take care of them as if they were our own chairs: with passion.

"Breathing new life into even the oldest chairs, ,
It is an extremely delicate operation !

We do it with care and passion ! "


Chair Caning workshop

That is ancient and valuable skill that requires a high degree of manual dexterity , patience and precision : our company has skilled laborers who hand weave various types of seats. :

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