Who we are


We are Paolo and Gabriele Levaggi, descendants of a family of carpenters that have been working with wood for more than three generations, safeguarding its secrets.

Our company was born from a small lathe in an old stable and flourished through the passion and determination of its founders.

Today, after almost 70 years, our chairs embellish some of the most exquisite and sophisticated houses on all five continents.


Since 1963, we build authentic artisan Chiavari chairs using only traditional methods and materials, but constantly focusing on researching and experimenting with new ideas and designs.

Elegant, sturdy, and lightweight, our chairs are assembled to stand the test of time, representing true masterpieces of art and engineering, and being known and appreciated by interior decorators and designers from all over the world.


The Chiavari chair is an exceptional invention that we owe to the great genius Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi.

Due to its uniqueness, the chair stands out quickly: a completely modern design, clean, and minimalistic, but with a structure that astonishes everybody thanks to its ability to combine extreme lightness with an unmatched sturdiness.

For over two centuries, the Chiavari chairs have been a focal point for architects and designers all over the world.


We have never given in to the opportunity of mass-production. We believe that the “know-how”, achieved through sweat and tears of entire generations of craftsmen, is an invaluable heritage that will be protected and passed on to our young.

We love molding and giving new life to every single element in our chairs. Evaluating the quality of the wood, knowing how to read the natural grain, enhancing its peculiarities, they are all stages that we are not willing to outsource to a heartless automated process.


Every single stage of creation, from cutting the trunk to applying the last coat of varnish, is carried out and followed closely by our own artisans, right in our workshop. 

We don’t use semi-finished products from external sources; we personally follow the entire production process. Of course, this is not a low-cost choice, but we believe that it is a fundamental guarantee of quality and authenticity.


Everything done by hand requires a lot of time and dedication. We don’t care about big numbers. 

For us, knowing that every item that comes out of our workshop is the outmost representation of quality and attention to detail is enough!


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